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Erasmus Mundus masters selected

The European Commission has selected 23 new Erasmus Mundus Masters programmes. Several of the programmes are in the field of science and technology and cover subjects such as spectroscopy, advanced robotics, environmental sciences and engineering. However there are also two masters in the area of visual arts and theatre, and some programmes addressing other specific areas in humanities. The selected programmes receive a lump sum of € 15 000 per year.

Erasmus Mundus Masters programmes are designed and implemented by a consortium of higher education institutions in at least three different European countries. During the programme, students take a part of their studies in at least two of the institutions, in two countries. To be selected, the course must be of high academic quality and provide students at the end with a recognised double, multiple, or joint degree. The courses may last from one to two years (60 to 120 ECTS credits).

The Commission has also completed the selection of projects for the development and testing of the principles and mechanisms of the future European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

List of selected EM masters
Selected EQF projects