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Erasmus Mundus: Call for proposals relating to the academic year 2007/2008 (Actions 1,2 and 3) and to 2006 (Action 4)

The DG for Education and Culture has released a call for proposals relating to the Erasmus Mundus Programme. It consists of four separate actions, the first three being directed specifically at Higher education institutions offering Masters courses, while Action 4 is applicable to organisations working alongside higher education institutions. A brief summary of the four actions follows:

  • Action 1 - Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses -  This action will support top quality Masters courses, between 1 and 2 years, offered by a group of higher education institutions (the consortium), which consists of a minimum of 3 higher education institutions from 3 different member states with obligitory mobility between the three. The course must be attended by European graduates as well as by a specific number of third country students (see action 2). The study must lead to a Masters degree.
  • Action 2 - Scholarships - The EM programme awards funds to the consortium when they provide scholarships to highly qualified third-country graduates. First the graduates apply to the EM masters consortia, and once accepted, the consortia apply to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency for the corresponding scholarship funds.
  • Action 3 - Partnerships - The EM programme supports Partnerships between Erasmus Mundus Masters consortia and third-country higher education institutions with a view to allowing European participants in the Erasmus Mundus Masters courses (both graduate students and scholars) to spend a short period of time at the third-country partner universities as part of the Masters course.
  • Action 4 - Enhancing attractiveness - The Erasmus Mundus programme supports European co-operation projects which aim at improving the brand image, visibility and accessibility of European higher education; or which deal with the international dimension of quality assurance, of credit recognition, of mutual recognition of qualifications with third countries and of curriculum development of mobility.


  • Action 1 - 30th April 2006,
  • Action 2 - 28th February 2007
  • Action 3 - 30th November 2006
  • Action 4 - 31st May 2006
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