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Erasmus Mundus, Actions 1-4

The Erasmus Mundus programme's overall aim is to enhance the quality of European higher education by fostering cooperation with third countries in order to improve the development of human resources and to promote dialogue and understanding between peoples and cultures.
The following activities are covered by the call for proposals:

  • Select high-quality integrated masters courses which are offered by a consortium of at least three higher education institutions in at least three participating countries (Action 1);
  • Give scholarships to highly qualified graduate students and scholars from third countries to follow or participate in the selected masters courses (Action 2);
  • Select high-quality partnerships between selected masters courses and third-country higher education institutions (Action 3);
  • Select projects of at least three institutions in at least three participating countries aiming to improve accessibility and enhance the profile and visibility of higher education in the European Union (Action 4).

Deadline for application:
Action 1: 30 April 2007
Action 2: 28 February 2008  (still open)
Action 3 : 30 November 2007
Action 4: 31 May 2007

Action 4 will be out in February 2008 for a new round of proposals. Stay posted.

Total budget: EUR 88,9 million