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Erasmus Mundus: Action 4

The Erasmus Mundus programme Action 4 supports European co-operation projects aiming to improve the visibility and accessibility of European higher education. A new call for Action 4 projects has been released, citing the following areas as desirable projects for 2007-2008:
  • projects to improve the accessibility of European higher education;
  • projects to facilitate mobility of third countries students to Europe;
  • projects to improve the provision of services to overseas students;
  • projects or studies on recognition of credits, degrees, or qualifications;
  • projects or studies on current practice or emerging trends in evaluation or quality assurance;
  • projects to find links between education and research;
  • projects to analyse trends in higher education from an international perspective.
The Commission, currently engaged in a Global Promotion project for higher education, stresses that this year projects proposing marketing of European higher education will not receive support. Deadline for application: 31 May 2007 Budget: 2.5 million EUR. Grants will vary between 100,000 and 350,000 EUR. Erasmus Mundus