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Erasmus+ gets EUR 2.2 billion budget in 2016

In October, the European Commission announced the Erasmus+ programme will enter its third year of implementation with a EUR 2.2 billion annual budget for education, training, youth and sport projects. In 2016, this budget is expected to send nearly 600 000 young people abroad to take part in study, training or volunteer opportunities and enable 200 000 educators, teachers and youth representatives to teach or train abroad. Tackling radicalisation and promoting social inclusion will be high on the Commission’s agenda in 2016, and funding from Erasmus+ will accordingly be directed towards supporting projects focused on inclusion in education and training, addressing the increasing diversity in the classroom and preventing youth radicalisation. Erasmus+ will continue opening up to the world, as in 2016 the eligible partner countries for higher education mobility will for the first time include the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

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