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Erasmus+ Annual report

The 2018 annual report on Erasmus+, published today, shows that over the last three decades, more than 10 million people have participated in what turned out to be a life-changing experience for many of them.

The Erasmus+ programme continues to represent one of the most tangible achievements of the EU: uniting people across the continent, creating a sense of belonging and solidarity. With a budget of EUR 2.8 billion, Erasmus+ supported more than 850,000 mobilities, financed close to 95,000 organisations and funded around 23,500 projects. Starting in 2018, Erasmus+ has also become a key new instrument to make the European Education Area a reality by 2025, and to help higher education institutions form 17 new alliances with the European Universities initiative.

This report provides a closer look into the various parts of the programme, statistics and some of the funded projects.

The report