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ERA progress report 2016

Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission. European Research Area Progress Report 2016 Technical Report. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2017. ISBN: 978-92-79-65532-6. Pages: 170

The European Research Area (ERA) Progress Report 2016 shows the state of play in ERA. A lot has happened in the European research landscape since the last edition in 2014. The ERA Roadmap at EU level was endorsed by the Council in early 2015. This called for top action priorities that will have the biggest impact on Europe’s science and innovation systems. Member States were invited to draw up national action plans based on this approach. Last year almost all Member States and a number of Associated Countries have published their National Action Plans on ERA showing clear political ownership of ERA. This analysis carried out in 2016 shows strong progress in all ERA priorities across the EU. This was possible because of a true partnership among the Member States and Associated Countries, the Commission and research stakeholder organisations. But we cannot be complacent. European strength in the field of Research and Innovation is needed more than ever to reinforce competitiveness but is also increasingly challenged to deliver on impacts. The Commission’s policy agenda on Open Science, Open Innovation and Open to the World will open up ERA to future challenges, like digitalisation and global networks. There are new barriers to break down to create more wealth and security.