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ERA online consultation

As research and technology become less subject to borders in today’s world, the European Research Area (ERA) is more than ever the cornerstone for a European knowledge society. In response, the Commission, amidst many recent communications, has released a Green Paper entitled "the European Research Area: new perspectives." The Green Paper raises a number of questions on how to deepen and widen the ERA so that it fully contributes to the Lisbon strategy. In an effort to include citizens and other stakeholders in the development of the ERA, the European Commission is promoting a wide institutional and public debate with a view to preparing initiatives for 2008. In particular, the Commission expects to receive responses to the consultation from research institutions (including universities), researchers, industry, civil society organisations, national and regional public authorities, as well as the general public. The debate and online consultation on the ERA will remain open until 31 August 2007. The six main dimensions on which the consultation is focusing are namely:
  • realising a single labour market for researchers;
  • developing world-class research infrastructures;
  • strengthening research institutions;
  • sharing knowledge;
  • optimising research programmes and priorities; and
  • opening the ERA to the world.
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