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EPI: Student Mobility and Credit Transfer: A National and Global Survey

Junor, S., and Usher, A., Student Mobility and Credit Transfer: A National and Global Survey, Educational Policy Institute: 2008.

This paper was originally produced for the Canadian Council on Learning as a background paper for their 2007 publication Post-Secondary Education in Canada: Strategies for Success. The first half of the paper centres on Canadian student mobility and what it means to the post-secondary system. The barriers which prevent the free flow of students from jurisdiction to jurisdiction will also be focused upon. The mobility section provides detailed analysis of the Canadian performance on select mobility measures and additional information on the mobility picture in the main international post-secondary education systems (e.g. United States and the United Kingdom).

The second half of the paper will examine how post-secondary education credits act as a form of knowledge “currency” and how the issue of credit recognition is best seen as a policy issue which requires the “exchange” of one institution’s credits into a currency that other institutions can freely accept. Finally, a detailed analysis of credit transfer systems in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union will be provided.

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