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EP-Nuffic: New projects in credential evaluation

EP-Nuffic has successfully been awarded Erasmus+ funding to implement four project proposals in the field of credential evaluation. Starting in March, the two-year projects will be coordinated by EP-Nuffic and implemented in collaboration with a large number of ENIC-NARICs and other stakeholders, including experts from the Bologna Follow Up Group (BFUG), the European University Association (EUA), the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA), and the German Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK). The four projects are the following:
Paradigms: provides both practical recommendations to the national implementation of automatic recognition within Europe, and for the recognition of new forms of learning (e.g. MOOCs). This will contribute to recognition within Europe and also to various policy objectives of the European Commission and the Yerevan Communique that European Ministers of Education have committed to.
IMPACT: strengthens the impact of the ENIC-NARIC network in order to improve the recognition of qualifications within Europe. The project will do so through an evaluation of the networks on the impact on student mobility, the further development of a Quality Assurance Instrument and strengthening of  links with European admissions officers.

Credential Evaluator CourseTo continue to offer this recognition course for newcomers to the ENIC-NARIC network – a course that has been organised by EP-Nuffic for more than 10 years – and to annually update this course, taking into account new developments.

ENIC NARIC 2016 in AmsterdamNext June the annual ENIC NARIC meeting will be held for the first time in history by OV -the Dutch ENIC NARIC. The meeting will take place at the time of the Dutch Presidency of the European Union. The application for this is in fact a formalisation of existing agreements.