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Entrepreneurship and Higher Education

Potter, J. Entrepreneurship and Higher Education. OECD, 2008. ISBN: 9-789-264-044-098. Pages: 336.

The OECD publication analyses, questioning the traditional “ivory tower” image of the academia, the role played by higher education institutions in teaching entrepreneurship and transferring knowledge and innovation to enterprises. It also debates how this role should be developed in the future. Providing examples from the most entrepreneurial North-American universities, to the advanced European models or the emerging practices in Central and Eastern Europe, the book highlights the main issues, approaches and trends in this field. It further emphasises the need to support the already existing entrepreneurship efforts by making better use of the best practices from around the world.

Finally, the publication aspires to be source of inspirations; on the one hand, for those active in higher education and wishing to expand or improve their entrepreneurship teaching and knowledge-transfer activities, and, on the other hand, for policy makers, who may play a significant role by creating appropriate support initiatives and frameworks.

The publication can be ordered from the OECD online bookstore.