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Enhanced cooperation between Finnish and Estonian higher education systems

The Finnish Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences will open a new institute in Tallin, Estonia, which will start operations in January 2020. Haaga-Helia will cooperate with Purdue University, UAS Bad Honnef, UAS Breda, and the Estonian Business School, and it will offer English-taught courses - mainly for international students – on hospitality and service excellence programs. Eero Loonurm, head of international marketing at ACA’s member Archimedes Foundation, is positive that “Haaga-Helia will make our education landscape more international”. Mr. Loonurm kindly provided ACA with a comment from the Chief Expert of the Higher Education Department at the Ministry of Education and Research, Mr Allan Padar

“The arrival of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences confirms that Estonia has created an attractive and internationally supportive higher education area. That is a sign of quality. The contribution of the University to the internationalisation of Estonian higher education certainly helps to increase openness; international environment and foreign students provide Estonian students contacts that allow them to gain international experience. In addition, Heaga-Helia is active in the field of tourism, which by its nature is international and helps young people to find international challenges. The focus of Haaga-Helia is based on close contact with employers, which will definitely contribute to the development of the Estonian tourism sector by providing them high-quality workforce. Hopefully, foreign students who have come to Estonia to study will find it easier to stay in Estonia in that field after the graduation”.

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