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English and empathy

The last ACA European Policy Seminar in 2009, which was held on 4 December, explored the sensitive issue of language policies in European higher education, taking into account various perspectives. On the one hand, university leaders explored, in a delightful panel of Bernard Coulie, Rolf Tarrach, Frans Zwarts, the context in which they operate and what objectives their institutions pursued with their language policies. These views were juxtaposed and debated by representatives from the labour market, e.g. Vodafone Netherlands and Deloitte Belgium, who said that while English is a must, empathy was what really mattered to them. The panels were exquisitely chaired by Philippe van Parijs and Pat Killingley respectively.  ACA would like to thank its high-calibre cast of speakers, among them also Wolfgang Mackiewicz, Bernd Wächter and David Coyne, for their valuable insights and outlooks. While English-medium tuition will continue to grow as an inherent feature of the European higher education landscape, there surely remains much need for dialogue between academia and business. A special thanks to the participants for contributing to this dialogue and to ACA Policy Officer Chripa Schneller, who chaired this lively event. The Secretariat would also like to remind you that there are very few places left for “What’s New in Brussels”, so don't miss your chance and register now! ACA