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Engaging University Students: International Insights from System-Wide Studies

H. Coates, A.C. McCormick (Eds.). 'Engaging University Students: International Insights from System-Wide Studies'. Springer. 2014. Pages: 166

This book offers evidence on how researchers in several countries are monitoring and improving student engagement—the extent to which students are exposed to and participate in effective educational practices. It captures insights from international implementations of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), developed in the United States. 

The experiences shared by cooperation leaders and discussed in the book relate to issues concerning first-year learners, international students, part-time and distance learners, as well as teaching and leadership in support of student learning. Each chapter outlines strategies based on national case studies and presents perspectives supported by concrete examples of how these have played out in diverse settings. The book suggests mechanisms that can be used by institutions, ministries and quality agencies around the world and is a useful source for university professors, leaders and policymakers.