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Emerging skills and competences: A transatlantic study

Shapiro, H., Lauritzen, J.R.K., & Irving, P. Emerging skills and competences: A transatlantic study. Danish Technological Institute, GHK, Brussels, 2011. Pages: 142. 

Commissioned by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education and Culture, this report explores approaches adopted to make education and training systems more responsive to emerging skills needs, in order to match future demands in more globalised labour markets. Through exploratory interviews with a range of stakeholders and several case studies, the study identifies a number of promising practices emerging on both sides of the Atlantic. In addition, it presents an inventory of European practices for forecasting and anticipating emerging skills, which was prepared as part of the study. The report’s findings are expected to feed into the on-going policy dialogue between the US Department of Education and the European Commission, DG Education and Culture on the future strategic direction of education and training systems.

European Commission