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EHEFs take on Malaysia

The most recent EHEF (European Higher Education Fair), a project funded under the Commission’s Asia-Link programme and implemented by the consortium of CampusFrance, DAAD, Nuffic and the British Council (the PEER consortium), had a successful outcome in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 7-9 September. This fair was the fourth of seven European Higher Education Fairs taking place in seven Asian countries.   Amongst the 75 exhibitors, European institutions participated from 19 different countries.  The countries with the highest institutional participation were France (14), UK (8), Germany (6) and Netherlands (5),  Though the total number of presenters was slightly less than the fairs of Singapore and India, exhibitors still felt the event would have a successful impact as over 8000 visitors attended. The next fair will take place in Beijing on 19 October, 2007.

As regards upcoming fairs, the application procedure for the event which will take place in February 2008 in Manila, the Philippines, is now open. The deadline for online applications is 2 November 2007, and the participation fee for higher education institutions is 650 Euro. Registrations for the Asia-Link Symposium taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Friday 7 December 2007 are also available online. Participation is free of charge.

DG AIDCO, the financing body of these fairs, is now considering possible extension of the project, particularly as most countries and institutions involved have expressed the need for repetition. The Peer Consortium is also evaluating how such fairs might be better designed in the future and how their countries might continue to collaborate on European education promotion events.

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