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EHEA: New working group for quality assurance of European Universities

The Bologna Follow-up Group (BFUG) thematic peer group C on quality assurance (QA) established a new working group on QA of European Universities, aimed at investigating the implementation of an external QA framework for European Universities.

This working group comes at a significant time, where the question of how to perform transnational quality assurance within the European University alliances is ever-present.  Against this background, this group will facilitate peer learning activities to increase mutual awareness and understanding of QA expectations between different stakeholders. Importantly, it will bring together national authorities to discuss legal obstacles to the application of the EUniQ framework (the European Framework for Comprehensive Quality Assurance of European Universities) in participating countries. Based on this analysis, an in-depth feasibility study will be conducted for five selected European Higher Education Area (EHEA) countries, followed by two peer learning activities comparing national approaches.

The working group will meet three times: in January 2023, November 2023 and April 2024, with all meetings taking place in Belgium. The peer learning activities will take place in March 2023, in an online format, and in November 2023, in Belgium.

The results of the group’s work will be reported at the 2024 EHEA Ministerial Conference.

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