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Education Today 2010 – The OECD Perspective

OECD, Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, Education Today 2010. OECD, 2010.ISBN: 978-9264090613. Pages: 88.

This publication is an updated version of the first edition of Education Today published in March 2009.   It brings to policymakers, researchers and other readers critical information on the current state of education in eight main areas, ranging from particular levels of education (such as higher education) to priority topics for analysis (including outcomes, benefits and returns; equity and equality of opportunity, and innovation and knowledge management). Key findings and policy directions are presented within each of the eight chapters. This publication represents one aspect of the OECD’s stated aim to synthesise and disseminate its main messages more succinctly in order to serve a more diverse group of constituents more effectively. Specifically, this publication aspires to “present the key findings and orientations for policy in an accessible way so that they can be used by different audiences… who do not have the time to stay abreast of all of the OECD’s work on education”.

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