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Education, Mobilities and Migration

Madeleine Arnot, Claudia Schneider, Oakleigh Welply. Education, Mobilities and Migration: People, ideas and resources. Routledge, Oxford, 2016, ISBN: 978-1138655034. Pages: 152

This volume focuses on three major themes: poverty, migration, social mobility and social reproduction; networks of migration within and across national education systems; and higher education and international student mobility, and the concerns and opportunities that go along with this mobility. The international group of researchers who have contributed to this book demonstrate how educational institutions are part of a common global project characterised by fluidity, how the social fabric of educational institutions responds to demographic diversity, and how new social differentiations occur as a result of human movement. This volume shows how mobilities and transnational interconnectedness create multiple interactions that tie our different educational projects together. Routledge