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Education brand for Canada

“Imagine Education au/in Canada” and a stylised maple leaf - the new education brand inviting international students to study in Canada. Complementing the recent change in the residency conditions for international students (see the September edition of ACA Newsletter – Education Europe), the new initiative is designed to help raise the attractiveness of Canada as a study destination for foreign students.

Although originally planned to be launched at the Beijing Olympics, the brand was finally officially released, after 18 months of collaboration and deliberations between the Canadian minsters of education, on 22 September. The brand is designed to harmonise the existing provincial or territorial brands, and to act as an umbrella that will provide consistency, hoping to be perceived as a quality certificate for the Canadian education.

As it is still unclear who is responsible for leading Canada on the world education scene and where the money for the marketing campaign will come from, it remains to be seen if the impact of the new brand will live up to the expectations.

Council of Ministers of Education Canada