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Education at a Glance 2018 is out

In September, the OECD published the 2018 version of its legendary data collection Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators. The heavy tome contains data and their analysis on a few hundred indicators. Like its predecessors, Education at a Glance 2018, covers not only higher education, but all levels of education. The publication covers the 35 OECD member countries and some other states. 

Next month, the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe will take an in-depth look at the data in the field of (international) higher education. This article is to present some overall findings, as an appetizer. 

Despite significant progress over the past years, children of parents with a low educational level are still less likely to complete upper-secondary education and progress into tertiary education than their peers with better educated parents.

Females are more likely to graduate from upper-secondary education (50%) than men (38%). But still, a higher share of men with a tertiary qualification makes it into the labour market (89% vs. 80%). On average, female graduates from tertiary education are also less well paid then their male counterparts (26% less)
Foreign-born adults and such with an immigrant background are less likely to participate in education and to succeed in the labour market. Foreign-born adults and immigrants also encounter difficulties with the recognition of their (foreign) qualifications. 

Read more in the October edition of the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe. 

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