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Education and employment in OECD countries

McIntosh, S. Education and employment in OECD countries. Unesco - IIEP, Paris, 2008. ISBN: 978-92-803-1312-3. Pages: 94.

In the wake of new technologies and globalisation as such, the demand for workers with little or no qualifications is bound to further decrease in modern OECD economies. How should we thus prepare the youth for the world of work?

This book, which is number 88 in the IIEP’s (International Institute for Educational Planning) Fundamentals of educational planning series, aims to assess the impact of education on employment outcomes. It explores the relationship between education received and labour market outcomes within OECD countries, focusing on employability. The author describes the problems faced by low-qualified workers in modern OECD economies and analyses the causes. The analysis is followed by an attempt to show ways out of the dilemma, by giving examples of policies to be implemented, which will be of interest and use to policy makers and educational planners.