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EAC/S34/2018 – Pilot VET mobility scheme for the Enlargement countries and Africa

This call for proposal will enable vocational education and training (VET) colleges in the EU to set up student and staff exchange programmes with colleges in the Western Balkans, Turkey and Africa. Besides student and staff mobility between colleges, these mobility partnerships will also share good practice in their countries and regions and create networks and partnerships for exchange.

The general objective is to contribute to the improvement and modernisation of VET systems in the Enlargement countries and Africa, as well as reinforcing the links between VET and the labour market. More specifically, the aim of the call is to enhance the capacity of VET providers in the Enlargement countries (Lot n°1) and Africa (Lot n°2) by promoting mobility activities aimed at improving the skills and competences of VET teachers, learners and managers and the occupational prospects of young students.

Published on: 27/02/2019
Deadline: 14/05/2019 – 12.00 noon (Brussels time)
Total budget: EUR 6.95 million 
Budget Lot n° 1 - Enlargement countries (Western Balkans and Turkey): EUR 2 million 
Budget Lot n° 2 - Africa: EUR 4.95 million

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