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DZS presents its sustainability strategy

DZS has prepared its first strategy for sustainability. Social responsibility has long been among DZS' top priorities as a crucial part of the organization's values, but they now aim to ensure that these principles are portrayed in their operations and activities toward a wide range of individuals and professional institutions with and for whom they work.  

This strategy sees education as an essential tool to achieve sustainable development and therefore see it as their duty to lead by example and make strong efforts to ensure that international education is also driven with sustainable objectives and practices in mind. 

The main areas of this strategy are:

  • The professional community – Co-operation with other experts in advancing the quality of education and research
  • Participants in programmes – Education in sustainable development
  • Responsible operation of DZS in line with stakeholder requirements and expectations

Furthermore, this strategy sets DZS' priorities to contribute to a more sustainable future:

  1. High-quality and inclusive international education and research
  2. Sustainability of international mobility and co-operation projects
  3. Responsible operation of the organisation
  4. Employee development

Read the full document here.