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DZS:Influencers and media ambassadors promote internationalisation in Czech Republic

Honest Guide Student MeetUp

Czech National Agency for International Education joined forces once again with internationally renowned Czech infuencers Janek Rubeš and Honza Mikulka and their Honest Guide and organized a special MeetUp for international and Czech students! The event was attended by more than 300 students from around the world, and besides other programme that evening, Janek and Honza also filmed short interviews with students about their experiences of living abroad, on the basis of which two new videos were created. The first video will serve mainly as a motivation for Czech students to travel abroad, while the second video is aimed at attracting foreign students to study in the Czech Republic. You can watch the English video for international students here.
Working with Studyin Media Ambassadors

Studyin, an initiative of Czech National Agency for International Education, is newly working with a group of 10 media ambassadors - foreign students in the Czech Republic who come from Mexico, Ghana, China, USA, India, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines and Serbia! Students help to create the content of official Instagram Study in the Czech Republic and also a Students Blog on the Studyin website, where everyone will introduce themselves and where you can also find their articles about studying and living in the Czech Republic.

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