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Dutch-Flemish platform offers practical insight into internationalisation

A new online tool aims to address the frustrating situation whereby exemplary internationalisation practices may exist, but information about these effective approaches may not be easily available among peers. The Good Practices in Internationalisation Platform (GPIP) was recently unveiled by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO), and is designed to facilitate open knowledge-sharing about internationalisation at the programme level, specifically as developed by higher education institutions in the Netherlands and Flanders/Belgium.  Although primarily focused on good practices emanating from higher education institutions in Dutch-speaking Europe, GPIP is an English-language platform offering a pragmatic and original approach with the potential to provide benefits well beyond the Netherlands and the Flemish community in Belgium. Indeed, each good practice submitted to GPIP is to be made publicly available, and is meant to be exchanged and further developed by peers.  The quality and usefulness of the internationalisation practices shared on the GPIP platform is ensured by a team of Dutch and Flemish experts. Each good practice that is submitted is reviewed by three such experts. Guided by a specific definition of ‘good practice’, the experts assess the impact of the good practices submitted by users on the quality of education, as well as its compliance with a set of standards developed with regard to a vision for internationalisation; learning outcomes; teaching and learning; staff and students. Ultimately, the GPIP initiative hopes that its approach will “play a favourable and constructive role in the ongoing process of quality enhancement” of internationalisation at the programme level. NVAO Nuffic