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Digivision 2030: new Finnish digitalisation project

All Finnish higher education institutions jointly launched the Digivision 2030 project. In line with the Finnish common policies adopted for reforming continuous learning and with the strong support by the Ministry of Science and Culture, this project aims at restructuring Finland’s higher education by means of digitalisation in the coming years. 

The aim is that degree students, lifelong learners and those without a student placement can study flexibly, selecting courses from all Finnish higher education institutions (HEIs) irrespective of organisational boundaries and geographical location. The project wants to bring higher education closer to citizens, by gradually creating a shared digital service platform for flexible and continuous learning. It will consist of interconnected intelligent online services, such as services for assessing competence and identifying prior learning, guidance services, services for the provision of education, and related data resources. 

This new project would also enhance Finland attractiveness for international students. As Annika Saarikko, Minister of Science and Culture, pointed out, “New ways of organising educational programmes and studying also attract international interest and promote the admission of international students to Finland.”  

The Digivision 2030 project has been awarded a special grant of EUR 20 million by the Ministry. Furthermore, additional EUR 17.8 million from the strategic funding for higher education institutions will be allocated to the project for the years 2021-2024. 

More information here 

Digivision 2030 website (in Finnish)