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Digital Technology and the Contemporary University

Selwyn, Neil (Ed.) Digital Technology and the Contemporary University: Degrees of digitization. London: Routledge. 2014. Pages: 146 This book explores the realities of higher education in the digital age and highlights emerging but insufficiently explored themes in academia, such as:
  • The role of digital technology in university reform;
  • Digital technologies and the organisation of universities;
  • Digital technology and the working lives of university staff;
  • Digital technology and the ‘student experience’;
  • Reimagining the place of digital technology within the contemporary university.

According to the author, “...the nature of innovation and change in educational institutions is highly complex and contingent on multiple and often contradictory influences over time This warns against seeing the nature of technology-related innovation and change in simplistic terms of any inevitable ‘impact’ or ‘effect’ of technology on universities. Any explanation of technology-related change and innovation needs to recognize the systemic nature of educational activity, and focus of the dynamics of how new technologies and techniques become embedded in the broader contexts of local practice.”