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Digital administration for internationalisation in the spotlight of ACA’s 61st European Policy Seminar

Digitalisation is set to transform and disrupt the education sector in every aspect today. Top-down policy imperatives and bottom-up challenges posed by the new generation of university entrants, who are digital natives, have put higher education institutions (HEIs) under unprecedented pressure to adopt innovative IT solutions for teaching, research, and management.

The Digital Education Action Plan of the European Union (EU), to be implemented with the support of both the Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programmes, has set three priorities for the European Commission’s work on digital education: (1) making better use of digital technology for teaching and learning; (2) developing digital skills and competences relevant for the digital transformation; (3) improving education systems through better data analysis and foresight.

In the upcoming ACA European Policy Seminar on 22 November, to be held in Brussels, we are going to put a spotlight on digital administration that has far-reaching implications on the digital transformation of education systems and educational organisations. The seminar will place a specific focus on the digitalisation of internationalisation processes on institutional, national and supranational levels by

  • highlighting the policy contexts shaping the digitalisation initiatives in Bologna countries and the EU
  • introducing, in a nutshell, key digital tools that have been developed and adopted by higher education practitioners in the field of internationalisation   
  • discussing the possibilities and challenges for creating interoperable digital tools in the European Higher Education Area
  • exploring the potential and limitations of digitalisation on achieving “seamless mobility” in existing and new European university networks (e.g. newly chosen “European Universities”)
  • examining critically and constructively the use of big (digital) data for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analyses to fine-tune internationalisation strategies  

All the speakers invited to the seminar have ample hands-on experiences in the topics proposed in the final programme. The one-day seminar intends to attract 100 participants who are actively involved in the digitalisation initiatives related to the internationalisation of national education systems or individual HEIs, as well as policy advisers and analysts in the field of internationalisation.
Seats are filling up fast. Please click here to secure one of the remaining seats for yourself.