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Developing the Global Student: Higher education in an era of globalization

David  Killick. 'Developing the Global Student: Higher education in an era of globalization'. Routledge. July 2014. Pages: 210

The book addresses the question of how higher education students can emerge from their university life better equipped to live more effectively, ethically, and comfortably in today’s world. It illustrates the nature of the personal and educational challenges facing the individual student and the teaching professional from a number of theoretical perspectives, and explores the substantial social changes brought by the technologies and mobilities of globalisation, and the personal and professional implications for present and future generations. 

Some of the themes the book examines are the following:
  • the implications of a globally interconnected world and individual biographies for the design of the curriculum;
  • a holistic view of learning in the context of the need to develop the global self;
  • what the impact on non-academic practice will be if universities as institutions are to enable these changes;
  • ways in which the broader student community can transform to offer an experience which is more supportive of the development of global selves.

Linking theoretical perspectives to present a model of learning as change, this book will be of great interest to those working in higher education, and particularly to anyone involved in policy design and the delivery of the student experience.