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Denmark likely to have fewer and bigger universities through mergers

Important changes in higher education are taking place in Denmark, where higher education institutions are merging between themselves and with sectorial research institutions. The initiator of the mergers is the Danish government, which is calling for fewer and stronger universities, and encouraging Danish higher education institutions to merge with sectorial research institutions. The government believes that, in this manner, both university and research milieus will be strengthened through new opportunities for cooperation and universities will achieve more international clout.

If these changes take place, Denmark will have a substantially smaller number of universities than at present. Although negotiations concerning specific mergers are still underway, changes are already taking place at Copenhagen University, which is merging with the Royal Veterinary School and the Danish Pharmaceutical University. Danish Minister of Science Helge Sander stated that the focus is on solutions that would yield the best possible synergies. Details of this process are expected to be known in September.

Further details about the likely mergers are available non the website of the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology (Danish only).

Danish universities mergers (Danish only)