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Define Thematic Report: University Mergers in Europe

Enora Bennetot Pruvot, Thomas Estermann and Peter Mason. Define Thematic Report: University Mergers in Europe. European University Association, 2015. Pages: 60. 

In this second thematic report, the focus is placed on university mergers and concentration processes. The report explores the rationale for universities to merge and reflects on the costs and gains associated with mergers. The analysis reveals a variety of different drivers but makes it also clear that cost-saving should not be the primary goal for mergers. The report includes a series of case studies which detail success factors and challenges of the different merging processes. The analysis shows that the success of any merger process is very much dependent on a solid pre-evaluation, good planning and implementation. The report also highlights the importance of inspired leadership fostering trust among, and the involvement of, the staff and wider community. 

A common feature of the series, recommendations are included in the report with the view to support the strategic planning of a merger for university leaders and managers. Public authorities and policy makers will also find useful information, advice and transferable good practice as regards the question of system consolidation.