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DAAD’s upcoming seminar on micro-credentials in the EHEA

In the wake of an increased speed of technology progression, society and the labor market demand increasingly complex skills. The disruptive nature of certain technologies can quickly devalue once-acquired knowledge and enforce reskilling and upskilling efforts. In this context, education is no longer attributed to a specific age group or target group, but higher education institutions have to become familiar with and adapt to the needs of the lifelong learner.

Within the framework of the DAAD project bologna hub the Erasmus+ National Agency for higher education within DAAD will organise the seminar “Micro-credentials in the EHEA: Small Learning Units – Big Opportunities?”. It will focus on the latest developments with regard to the uptake of micro-credentials in the EHEA – most notably, the “European Approach to micro-credentials”. It will also highlight various good practice examples and micro-credential initiatives related to the Bologna key commitments. In addition, also the wider impact of the use of micro-credentials on lifelong learning and increased inclusiveness in the EHEA shall be discussed.

Link to the seminar.