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DAAD’s new Community of Practice under the Digital Education Hub

DAAD has embarked on developing the European Digital Education Hub, together with several European partners and associates, including ACA. The aim of this initiative, planned under the European Commission's Digital Education Action Plan, is to coordinate and accelerate developments in the field of digital education in Europe. This work will involve building a "Community of Practice", to facilitate the exchange of experiences and solutions across the sector.

The Digital Education Hub will be a think-and-do tank for digital education, strengthening cooperation and exchange in the field of digital education at EU level. Its services will range from mentoring programmes for teachers and heads of educational institutions to design thinking workshops and a joint accelerator programme that enables the development of an idea into an applicable educational solution. The first digital workshops and mentoring sessions are planned for March, followed by face-to-face events from summer onwards, initially in Tallinn, Brussels, and Berlin.

The DAAD Office in Brussels is playing a key role in this project and is currently looking for a Policy Officer to lead the project to success.

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