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DAAD – Yes! Go!

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has recently published a brochure entitled Yes! Go! A Practical Guide to Designing Degree Programmes with Integrated Transnational Mobility. The publication is the outcome of the MOCCA project - Model for Core Curricula with Integrated Mobility Abroad (2006-2008) – which was funded by the European Commission, and involved higher education institutions and experts from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania and the United Kingdom, with DAAD acting as the project coordinator.

The guide outlines the personal, educational and professional benefits of mobility for students, and how these might be translated into a set of aims and learning outcomes, before taking the reader step by step through the process of designing degree programmes with integrated mobility according to the Bologna Process. The publication is available either as such, or along with a complementary booklet called A Practical Example of Designing a Master’s Programme in Public Health with Integrated Transnational Mobility, which documents the process of applying the guidelines to a concrete programme with international cooperation.

Copies of both brochures are available in English from DAAD. Please send an e-mail to: