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DAAD supports universities in the fight against anti-Semitism and racism

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is strengthening its commitment to German universities, particularly in supporting and integrating international students. Through the "Combined Scholarship and Support Programme” (STIBET), backed by funding from the Federal Foreign Office, the aim is to enhance the overall experience of international students and doctoral candidates within German academic institutions. This program offers a range of support services including counselling, events, and assistance tailored to the needs of international students, including those from Ukraine seeking refuge due to conflict

Moreover, STIBET facilitates the provision of scholarships to international students, fostering broader international partnerships as a strategic component of universities' internationalisation strategy. Currently, STIBET allocates approximately EUR 14 million in funding from the Federal Foreign Office. Notably, for the first time, the program has set aside one million euros specifically to combat anti-Semitism and racism, acknowledging the critical importance of addressing these issues within the academic community. 

Find out more in DAAD's press release.