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DAAD resumes support for cooperation with the universities in the West Bank

Following discussions with partners in the Middle East and scholarship holders of Palestinian origin, DAAD is concerned about the situation of the Palestinian civilian population, particularly in the Gaza Strip. The current conflict is threatening the educational prospects and future opportunities of an entire generation of young people from the Palestinian territories.  

The DAAD president voiced his conviction that special efforts should be made in the current situation to revitalise academic exchange with the Palestinian territories. Following consultation with the German government, the DAAD will therefore resume its support for university cooperation between Germany and universities in the West Bank, which was suspended in October 2023. DAAD also plans to keep in touch and exchange ideas with DAAD scholarship holders and alumni of Palestinian origin in Germany. DAAD is currently examining how individual support for students and doctoral candidates from Gaza and the West Bank can be organised in the future. One important instrument could be scholarships for third country stays in neighbouring countries, such as Jordan or Egypt, but online initiatives could also be considered. 

Find out more in the press release.