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DAAD programmes featured by IIEPassport – when will your programmes be promoted?

Germany and the programmes of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) were recently featured by the Institute of International Education’s “IIE Passport”.  IIE Passport is a service designed to promote international education destinations and help provide advisors with useful information services. IIE Passport is an opportunity to promote specific study abroad opportunities and individual countries and is managed by IIE.

Each month, IIEPassport features a new country online and in a brochure that is mailed to international education advisors. Online, a web page that links from the home page details information about the featured country and promotes the attractions of it. Upcoming featured countries: June - Greece, July - China and Hong Kong, August - Hungary, September - Egypt, October - England, November - South Africa, December – Indonesia.

Address any questions about IIEPassport services contact: IIE Passport
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