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DAAD position paper on German foreign science policy

ACA member, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has published a position paper on the further development of German foreign science policy in response to the massive upheavals in world politics. In it, the DAAD argues for the design and expansion of a "science diplomacy" based on realpolitik, which consciously confronts global crises, dislocations and system rivalries.

Under the title "Foreign Science Policy for a Multipolar World: System Rivalry, Confrontation and Global Crises," the position paper identifies five principles for the further development of German science diplomacy after the "turning point" of 24 February. It proposes a foreign science policy that is:

  • value-based;
  • responsibility-oriented;
  • interest-driven;
  • regionally differentiated; and
  • risk-reflective.

Such a policy is essential in the current phase of global systemic disputes for science to bring together and mobilise a global community of responsibility to solve the planetary challenges of the Anthropocene. It would enable negotiations of academic, scientific and science policy positions between partner institutions or competitors even in times of increasing global conflicts.

You can read the full press release here.