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DAAD News: German-Jordanian University celebrates 10th anniversary

With financial assistance from the German Ministry of Education and Research, the DAAD has funded over 70 Transnational Education Projects, including 8 bi-national universities, several branch campuses and single study programmes. The German-Jordanian University (GJU), founded in 2005, is regarded as one of the most successful transnational educational projects worldwide. 
3,800 students are enrolled at the GJU, following study programmes according to German standards. The success of the by now almost 2000 graduates shows that GJU students have good opportunities on the labour market. The GJU is supported by the DAAD, with funding from the German Ministry of Education and Research since 2005. In addition to the general project funding, funding for scholarships is also available (provided by the German Foreign Ministry). 

Press release (in German)
Further information (in German)