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DAAD annual statement published: Initiator of internationalization

German Academic Exchange Service.
Jahresbericht 2015. Köllen Druck +Verlag GmbH, Bonn. Pages: 123

The DAAD has recently released its annual statement for 2015, in Berlin. 75,412 German and 51,627 foreign students as well as scientists received funding from the DAAD – this is an increase of around five percent compared to 2014. The statement shows a clear direction: Yearly the foreign mobility is increasing. The world-wide DAAD-Network is growing continuously and making a significant impact in advancing new ideas, driving developments and new programmes that are internationally competitive and answers to contemporary challenges related to crisis. In the forgone year the DAAD, inclusive of EU-programmes, has supported over 121.000 German and foreigners around the globe and with this is currently the largest organisation of its kind.

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