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DAAD: Annual report 2018 of the Erasmus+ National Agency in DAAD published

The Erasmus+ National Agency, a directorate of German ACA member DAAD, has released its annual report for the year 2018. The 128-page document provides detailed information on the ‘German’ results of Erasmus+ in the three key programme actions. Next to quantitative information, the report also highlights particularly successful projects with German participation and it gives  account of the national agency’s manifold events, meetings, consultations as well as its work in helping to develop the main lines of the successor programme and its involvement in major policy agendas, such as the Bologna Process and the activities within ASEF, to name but two examples.

Here are some of the report’s key findings in the field of mobility for the year 2018:

  • Key Action 1 on mobility saw an increased German budget of overall EUR 25 million
  • 45 000 students from German higher education institutions benefitted from an Erasmus+ stay in another European country, be it for study or for a traineeship;
  • Since the launch of Erasmus over 30 years ago (1987), almost 1.3 million students went abroad through the programme;
  • Over 350 universities and other tertiary institutions across Germany participated in Erasmus+.

Concerning Key Action 2, which is to enhance cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practice, the national agency focused on evaluating and advising on the sustainability and impact of projects, such as the European Universities initiative. Regarding Key Action 3, which supports policy reform, the emphasis was on innovative educational technologies and the digital university.

Congratulations to Klaus Birk and his team on a very successful year.

Link to the report