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DAAD and NAWA partner to expand academic contacts

The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) and the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) have recently signed a cooperation agreement, letting German and Polish students apply for scholarships and do research in either country. The goal of this agreement is to increase collaboration opportunities between the two countries, such as boosting language learning and promote cross-border mobility of students and researchers. Furthermore, the agreement will pave the way for future joint projects between the two national agencies.

The agreement covers, among other things, DAAD scholarships for Polish students, doctoral candidates, and scientists in Germany, as well as NAWA scholarships for German students, doctoral candidates, and scientists in Poland. Furthermore, it will make it possible to expand Polish-German cooperation between higher education institutions, support teaching of the national language in the other country, promote one another’s scholarship offers, and cooperate in the area of higher education system marketing abroad. Finally, it will serve as a basis for new joint programme initiatives responding to new challenges facing the academic world.

DAAD and NAWA have been cooperating and facilitating student and research exchanges between their two respective countries for over half a century.

More information can be found here.