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DAAD and ACA produce information note for the European Parliament

ACA’s German member – DAAD – together with the ACA Secretariat in Brussels produced an information note for the European Parliament (EP) on the main achievements, implementation status and future prospects of the Bologna Process. The note is based on the most recent Bologna evaluations and stocktaking reports (2009 and 2010) as well as on the authors’ expertise in Bologna-related issues, and was published on the EP website this month.

The 48-page document gives a general overview of the topics, developments and trends within the Bologna Process since the signing of the Sorbonne Declaration in 1998. It also provides analysis of the progress made with respect to the Bologna reforms, and identifies achievements and future challenges within the main Bologna action areas: degree and curricular reform, mobility, recognition of qualifications and lifelong learning, employability, social dimension, quality assurance, qualifications frameworks, linking the EHEA and ERA, and the external dimension. Overall, the report finds that good progress has been made in many of these fields, but further concerted action is needed in order to fully reach the Bologna goals by the end of this decade. Last but not least, the authors formulate a number of recommendations addressed to the EP, which outline concrete steps that could be taken to contribute to the achievement of the Bologna objectives.

European Parliament