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DAAD – A) Correction on RISE; B) Germany number one in ERASMUS teaching staff mobility; C) German chairholder at Russian University

A) RISE Correction

The last newsletter reported on DAAD's new program Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE). This program is for undergraduate students from the US and Canada--not postgraduates, as reported. If you are interested in more information about RISE, please visit

B) Germany number one in SOKRATES/ERASMUS teaching staff mobility

In the academic year 2003/2004 about 2.400 lecturers from German universities received ERASMUS funding for a temporary teaching appointment at a European host institution. As in previous years, Germany has taken the lead in the number outgoing university teachers. German university lecturers taught in more than 29 different European countries. The mobility flows were to France (305), Spain (238), Poland (234), Italy (194) and Great Britain (187). As a host country, Germany welcomed nearly the same number of ERASMUS teachers from all over Europe. The DAAD, acting as National Agency for SOKRATES/ERASMUS, recorded a remarkable growth of German teaching staff mobility to Central and Eastern Europe during the past years.

C) First German chairholder for German literature and Cultural  Studies at Russian University

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Russian State University of Arts (RGGU) established in Moscow in June 2005 a new chair for German Literature and Cultural Studies which will be occupied by a German professor. This is unique in the academic landscape of the Russian Federation. The official assignment of the professorship will take place in the framework of a German-Russian conference later this year. The DAAD partner university RGGU is by now the biggest university founded in 1991 after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Mobility of Ph.D. students shall help to improve mutual cultural understanding and strengthen academic cooperation between Russia and Germany.

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