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CZEDUCON 2023: Pioneering internationalisation in higher education

The fifth edition of CZEDUCON, held from 21 to 23 November 2023, took place in Brno, Czech Republic, gathering over 480 guests and 80 experts from diverse national and international backgrounds. Co-organised with the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE), and ACA members, the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS), the Agency for Education and Internationalisation (OeAD), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and the Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation (SAAIC), this three-day conference explored internationalisation in higher education. Delving into the respective challenges and opportunities, this year’s edition offered a global platform for sharing best practices, discovering new trends, and fostering cooperative relationships across Europe.  

ACA's contribution to the event was significant, with its Secretariat leading sessions on various crucial aspects of international education. In the session titled "Internationalising All: How to Bring Internationalisation Closer to Society", Martin Bogdan led discussions on the Internationalisation of Higher Education for Society (IHES) concept. Angeliki Psychogyiou steered the session "Digitalisation and Sustainability in Higher Education: Enabling the Twin Transition" focusing on the intricate relationship between digitalisation and sustainability. Another session moderated by Angeliki was "Blended Mobility in Higher Education: From the European HIBLend Perspective to Local Implementation at VSB-TUO" which offered insights into the evolving nature of student mobility, transitioning from traditional methods to more blended approaches in the context of higher education. Lastly, the session "Personalised Approach to Support Services: Myth or Reality?" sparked an in-depth debate on different approaches to providing services to international PhD students and academics, based on the outcomes of the UniWeLiS project. 

CZEDUCON 2023 successfully bridged the gap between international experts and the evolving demands of higher education in the digital era. It underscored the importance of international cooperation, digitalisation, and inclusivity in shaping the future of higher education. Below are some moments captured on camera: