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Czechs in favour of students going abroad

A new survey on the topic of Czech society's attitudes towards student mobility programmes conducted by Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS) shows that Czechs are in favour of study exchange stays and internships abroad.

The survey, which included more than a thousand respondents chosen to constitute a representative sample of Czech population, shows that Czechs perceive traveling abroad positively – almost three fourths of respondents consider it beneficial.

Over 86% of respondents support the idea of secondary school pupils exchange stays abroad, and even 89% approve of university students exchanges. Internships and stays abroad are believed to teach participants independence and to help them find a job in the future.

More than 60% of the population agree that international study or work exchanges have a generally positive effect on the development of Czech economy. Nearly a half of the people believe that foreign students are a benefit to the Czech education system. Complete survey results are available on the DZS website.