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Critiques of the EC green paper on the European Research Area

Earlier this year the European Commission published a green paper on the European Research Area, based on a consultation entitled  Inventing Our Future Together.  The European Research Area: Green Paper Consultation.  The Commission recently concluded that the paper has received an overwhelming support on all six main sectors highlighted for research collaboration, with knowledge sharing and a unified labour market coming out as top priorities. Objections to the paper are not soft-spoken.  The one that seems to unite most respondents is that the green paper smacks too much of a top-down will to regulate on the part of the Commission instead of acting as a facilitator. Two particular interventions serve as examples: That of European University Association (EUA) and of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), which you will find in the links below.

The Green Paper announced the formation of a European Research Area Board (ERAB) to replace the European Research Advisory Board.  Now three well-known politicians/scientists have agreed to help the Commission identify 22 members for the new board by January 2008 on the suggestions from European organisations.  The task of the ERAB will be to produce an annual report on the state of affairs in European research and make policy proposals, inspiring continuous reforms by the Commission.  Never a dull moment.

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