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Courageous learning: Finding a new path through higher education

Ebersole, J., & Patrick, W. Courageous learning: Finding a new path through higher education. Hudson Whitman Publishing Excelsior College Press, New York, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-9768813-1-5. Pages: 240.

This book presents the current state of adult education in America and underscores the urgent need for adults to embrace a culture of lifelong learning. By addressing those adults who are considering returning to school, either to finish an undergraduate degree or to start a graduate one, the authors aim to provide answers to some of the most common questions heard from returning students. The book profiles several accredited institutions that offer service and value to adult learners, and advises prospective students on how to find the right institution in terms of fit and cost. Finally, inspired by a series of interviews, this publication features the stories of several adult learners who had the strength to overcome challenges in pursuit of their degrees and to venture into the world of lifelong learning.

Hudson Whitman