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Council’s position on FP7 forwarded to the Parliament

The Council adopted a common position on the FP7 on 25th September 2006. The adoption follows on the political agreement already achieved by the Council last July (see August issue of the ACA Newsletter Education Europe). The total FP7 budget (only European Community) is of 50.5 billion Euro.

The new FP7 presents the following characteristics:

  • Concentration on a selected number of thematic priorities in which Community action can provide the greatest possible added value (for details see August issue of the ACA Newsletter Education Europe) ;
  • Support for research at the frontiers of knowledge by the most excellent research teams in Europe, through the creation of an independent European Research Council;
  • Better education and research training, easier access to research opportunities and better recognition of the researcher's contribution to the goals of society, through the strengthening of human resources policy;
  • Optimising the use and development of European research infrastructures;
  • Strengthening the innovative capacities of SMEs and their ability to benefit from research;
  • Supporting the development of research-driven clusters;
  • Bringing science and society closer together, and giving support to the coherent development of research policies at Community and national level;
  • Strengthening the role of the EU's Joint Research Centre;

What’s next? The Parliament reading of the common position is supposed to take place in late November. If it goes through, the first calls for proposals should be published at the end of 2006.

Council's press release on adoption of FP7